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  • Avatar
    Ron Morisset

    How do I get my phone (Samsung Galaxy S7) to connect on media to BT? It was working but now it'll only connect to phone and not media so I can stream.

  • Avatar
    dale blocklinger

    how can i upgrade my 7" genesis prime egs004 ?  it's too slow...thank you!  

  • Avatar
    Robert Roberts

    I own the mediabeam  MDB 114 I am running Android 5.1 it works good until by trying to mirror I hit the button I shrink the page down you try to open the web browser when I open a web page it causes that goes back to the startup menu I asked me to send it back where are my other tablet 6.1 Android it works great I have no problem at all I'm waiting to upgrade to marshmallow but I have have a update 4 marshmallow please help yours truly Robert

  • Avatar
    Robert Roberts

    Hello my name is Robert Roberts my email wire dog how do i get EZ screen to work please give me instructions how to do it thank you so much I like the product

  • Avatar
    Jessica Monroe

    I have an Ematic 10.1" HD Quad-Core Tablet with Android" 5.1 Lollipop...Model number EGQ223.
    Where can I get a new charger for this device? I've tried general chargers but, they don't work. At this point, I cannot turn on my tablet.

    Also, do you think that my battery could be dead?

  • Avatar
    robert morgan

    how do I get it to hook to wifi all the codes I have tried failed can not find a pin on router that will work tried password on screen it

  • Avatar
    Dwight Harris

    I bought this piece of junk and when I install it, all it says is "BOOT" on the display. The manual doesn't address this issue so of course I'm returning it for a refund. Thanks to the company for wasting my time and money.

  • Avatar

    Today, Sept. 10, 2017 I believe I inserted and plugged in all the appropriate cords between the indoor antennae to the new AT103B converter box (which was supposed to be AT102 model as it reads on my Walmart purchase order) and to the floor electric outlets. I assume I don't need to insert the other cables with the colored tips as my elderly mother just has a tube TV and only needs to get signals for free TV channels in her city of San Francisco. I just inserted cords into RF in and RF out behind the converter box. However, the corresponding hand remote control is not functioning to either turn box on, nor to use menu button to scan channels. I even tried scanning channels with my mother's TV set hand control menu, but no visual comes on.  Can someone please advise me if or how to make the remote hand control connect with the converter box and TV set?  I see the manual diagram but apparently failing to connect something somewhere, or maybe the hand control is defective? I did install the new batteries of course. Please help.

  • Avatar
    Monique Biggers

    My funtab3 will not charge nor turn on

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