Troubleshooting guide for USB Portable Drive.

Any 2GB up to 500GB USB Stick/Portable Hardrive,  should work, insert any usb drive you will get this prompt



After that press Rec and if you get this prompt



The USB Drive need to be reformatted. 

 When adding usb or hardrive make sure to format it using the ATB103B

- Insert the USB or Hardrive

- On your remote press menu

- Navigate to USB

- Navigate to PVR configure

- Navigate to Format

- Navigate to File System, choose NTFS

- Navigate to Format, press OK and wait to finish

- Exit then you can start recording.



Manual for AT103B


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    Very easy to setup.

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    Nicole Beth

    I need help. 

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    Jaclyn comola

    can only get 3 channels, should be getting 6.  why?

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    Greg Richardson

    Using a directional "air" antenna.  Using the unit's auto programing facing north and programing those  stations, then turning it south and using the auto program again will it remember the north program's stations or will it erase them and only keep the south  stations?

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    Victor rollings

    unit will not record on a daily basis using the EPG , will set up for the next week instead of the next day, even if u set it up for a daily recording (mon-fri) is there any fix that might be helpful or on the way as far as a software patch coming soon?

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    Eric Schwarzkopf

    Purchased the ematic AT103B to hook up and HDTV antenna to an older digital TV, all I'm getting a the word bot on the displat, and nothing showing up on the TV at all. Is there anyone with ematic that monitors these questions and provides any sort of support at all? Is there a firmware update that I can download and run?

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    allen paluszewski

    Hello, I have sent request for help with "Remote Control" device for an AT103b160628973 converter box.


    It is not working. Was purchased about a month ago or so.  Changed the battery 3 times and still no response.


    Hope that this problem can be solved promptly.

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    allen paluszewski

    I need replacement Remote Control for the AT103B160628973 converter box.


    Send me the required e-mail to fill out mailing information to my e-mail box.

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    i received AT103b160503467 converter box, purchased from walmart 4 days ago as a gift. i did not get the receipt as the purchaser had other items on receipt that they needed. i unpacked the sealed unit today, 10/28/2016. Everything undamaged and all parts present. hooked up unit as per instructions. I initiate setup an the OK/cofirm button worked for that. I went thru the menu using the navigation buttons, they worked, although the buttons had to be depress rather hard. When i attempted to confirm a selection using the ok/confirm button, NO result, nothing happened. I replaced the batteries with known new batteries, same result. All the remote buttons work EXCEPT the OK/confirm. I need to be sent a replacement remote that works. Not working new out of the box does not speak well for this product

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    Gary Campbell

    When programming box to record, why do you always have to manually set the time and why is it military time?

    Very confusing.  Am not accustomed to using military time and don't really like it. Can't you just click on the program you want to record and set it up that way? Why all this manually entry information?

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    I need the power cord for my EDT312 Rotating Remote Controlled TV Antenna replaced.  Have called.....sent email.....filled out the necessary email and now I just received an email stating my ticket is closed.  What?????  It is reidiculous that I have a brand new antenna on my roof, installed but it won't work for lack of a simple power cord.  Please help me!!!

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    Richard M. Mathews

    I use the converter for weekly viewing of several programs. A few times I have had the device forget all timer settings associated with channel 7. The previous time that it was supposed to go to channel 7, it correctly handled turning on, changing channels, and turning off. But after that, all future viewings of channel 7 are gone from the timer menu.

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    frederick stahlhut

    I am having an issue with the timer recording.

    If I want to record a span beyond midnight, I get an error and timer will not set.

    Is there a new or different Firmware I can use for this bug?

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    Sam Lloyd

    How do you update the firmware or software? 

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    Emory Davis

    Anyone know what the biggest HD you can connect to ba  DVR? Also a upgrade would be nice to fix all these problems.


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    Richard M. Mathews

    Is anyone getting any actual support from this site? Since first submitting my complaint 18 days ago, I have had the same problem recur four more times. What good is a timer that keeps forgetting its timer settings? I have a completely useless product. I am getting no support. I want my money back.

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    anthony poff

    How do you update the firmware or software?  and the link to download  the firmware and system update


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    Getting nothing but lines and hearing some music. Does anyone know how to reset this box?

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    What a piece of junk.

    I bought one of these about a month ago to record shows.
    I started having issues recording right out the box; record one show in full and the next one only about half.

    Thought it might be that I was using a FAT32 format so I changed to NTFS. It even got worse.

    Tried different hard drives, enclosures, etc. Terrible.
    I'm sitting here now trying to record a show and the Ematic keeps rebooting about 3-6 mins in.

    Changed hard drives and the same thing.

    What a waste.

    I hope I can find my receipt.

    Other issues; remote is hard to operate and you have to make sure you point it right at it; can't or won't program shows by selecting it, you have to do it manually.

    Piece of JUNK

    Edited by Haygood
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    Anne Smith

    I need the code to enter into a universal remote but I don't see anybody ever answering any questions around here.

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    Sam Lloyd

    Anne Smith
    There is not a code available, I spent days looking. If you find one please let me know.

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    how do i reset my converter to factory?

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    Have the converter box connected to a known working antenna and the RF output of the converter to the RF input of the TV set to channel 3.  Tv on...converter on and get ---- on the converter display.  Press power on the converter remote, converter display goes to "boot" and pretty much stays there.    THERE IS NOTHING IN THE USER MANUAL ADDRESSING THE CONVERTER DISPLAY AND WHAT MIGHT BE DISPLAYED.  NO MENTION OF THE "BOOT" DISPLAY AND WHAT IT MEANS.  PRESSING ANY REMOTE BUTTON TAKES ME BACK TO THE "BOOT" DISPLAY ON THE CONVERTER.  THERE IS NOTHING HERE TO HELP WITH THIS ISSUE.  CUSTOMER SERVICE TOLD ME THEY WOULD EMAIL A SETUP PROCEDURE AND I GOT A LINK TO THE MANUAL AND THIS SORRY PAGE........EMATIC IS FOREVER OFF MY LIST OF PRODUCTS. 

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    Richard M. Mathews

    Heavyg: As another suffering user, I can tell you it is normal for the converter to display "boot" for less than one second, then it goes to a channel number. The TV should display the Ematic logo even before "boot" appears. I don't recall the behavior being substantially different prior to first-time setup. It sounds like you have a broken unit.

    And I agree that support is completely non-existent for this flawed product.

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    Wayne Johnson

    AT103B fails to send a Control On signal when booting that should be picked up by A/V Amplifier and passed on to turn on A/V Amp and connected TV.  Need assistance.  Where is online link to download firmware updates?

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    maria carter

    Trying to figure out how to get the time to my time and not military time, Have done it every way but nothing is right.  Can anyone help me?


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    How do I reset box somehow it is on radio (I think) and no picture on TV.

    Do you ever answer these comments and question?

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    isaac soto

    anybody have information on the new update

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    Terry Smith




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    Richard M. Mathews


    Press EPG. Select a program from the guide. Press OK (not ENTER). You will go into the Timer Add menu with the info for that program already filled in.

    Alternately, press TIMER then press 1 to get into Timer Add to manually enter program data.

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