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    Steven Sugarman

    When the keyboard is docked it does not function. The power light is not on and I must continue using only the on-screen keyboard.

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    same problem that the dock is not working and I am forced to use only onscreen keyboard. Need a solution. Looks in windows device manager this keyboard detected as a USB device do not have necessary drivers. Are there any place this model keyboard drivers are available?

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    Jonathan Mena

    My keyboard case doesnt work either... the light is on but wont work.

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    Sue Bennett

    The tablet will not charge this started right after I got it I contacted K Mart to return it and they said to contact the manufacturer.  This is the second time I have tried to get this problem addressed.  My next contact will be the Attorney Generals office filing a formal complaint.

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    Vo Tan Duoc

    After i instal new windown, table driver touch not work, please send link driver table EWT935 dk , thank all support 

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    I posted to you earlier - but my machine has gone all greyscale - can't seem to figure out how to go back

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    Bill Stewart

    I also have the "keyboard doesn't work" problem (it worked for the first week or two.)

    I sent it in for warranty repair, they sent it back still not working (though this time the light on the keyboard still doesn't light up.)

    Takes forever to get them to respond to tickets and not do anything (e.g. they told me how to sync to bluetooth, but it's not a bluetooth keyboard, then they sent me an old Win8 version of the manual showing me how to plug it in, but that's the same as in the newer manual that shipped with the device.)

    It was also a real pain getting the Windows 10 anniversary edition to install - the tablet has half its 32GB in use, and the update says it needs 16GB to load, which is optimistic - I had to drag a bunch of stuff over to an SD card, but I'd been going to put an SD card in it for more storage anyway.)

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    I am not having any other issue other than no audio. If anyone has a proper driver I would appreciate a link.

    Other than that device works fine.

    Curiously why are the drivers so secret ??????

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    My son forgot his password and cant log in how do i hard rest or fix problem

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    Michael Mirata

    brand new...will not work out of the box. Power button does nothing, but hit the volume button and it turns on.

    Then the screen freezes up. Cannot re-boot, will not do anything. Cannot even turn it off.

    WHAT A PIECE OF JUNK.  No wonder Fry's was selling it for $58.00    JUNK.

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    Claude Harrell

    SD card is not recognized.  I went to device manager and did not see an SD disk until I clicked on view and then on hidden files.  It then showed the drive but said it was not connected to the computer, code 45.   What do I do to fix this?

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    I was talking to a customer rep.--we got cut off.when I-went to to get my card to pay $10.00 fee for him to provide info on re-entering the os system. paid fee. and am trying to get to someone who will help me to get into my new ematic 935.  I also want to use the ematic W/O a password.  At the moment I do not have a PW in the Tablet but I have not used it for a while and today when I went to work w/it it asked me for a PW and won't let me in to set a pw or nothing at all.


    Jo Ann Knight           I really do not want to send it back to you!



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    scott arrabito

    I need the audio driver, where are the driver downloads???

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    Also need audio driver.  Audio quit working after 3-4 mos.  I saw a related error msg. (I think), but it disappeared before I could read it.  Why are drivers not prominently listed and available on this site?


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    How do i rest

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    I have the same issues( keyboard won't work) .  Shame on Fry's for selling this piece

    of junk to folks

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    Jean Hall

    Hello, my new EWT935 is too slow.  Can you increase the RAM to 2 or 4 Gig?

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    I cannot get my EWT935 to charge. I called Customer Service and was told it is out of Warranty and I need to pay a replacement fee of $70.00 USD to replace. Now they want me to return the EWT I have now before they send me a replacement. If I send it back to them how do I get my info off of the EWT I have?

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    Lenora Luvinme Mcclendon

    The screen is defeated and want SHOW anything they told me to seem and receipt when they get ready to replace it but I lost the receipt but I purchase it on December 24 2018.

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    Isaac Haastrup

    Please my keyboard doesn't connect with the screen. The keyboard does not provide a PIN to connect.

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    Bruce Barnes

    The Windows-10 update corrupted the system and now it will not boot.

    The manual says to use a paper clip and insert into the tiny hole to do a factory reset but there is no tiny hole. The manual is wrong.

    I called the help number and was sent a link to this page and another tips-n-tricks page which does not exist.

    Has anyone else experienced this issue and found a solution?


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