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    Denis JR

    Where I found the factory firmware? I make a update to the extender and now doens't work

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    Same here! Firmware 'upgrade' broke my extender. But even if I could get the factory firmware, how would I upload it into the unit since it is no longer addressable on the network. Is there a RJ45 direct connect trick? I don't have a 'crossover' cable so it'll have to be a standard ethernet cable trick.

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    Emilio Di Iorio

    1. There is no telephone number anywhere. The product is not simple to install in any way.

    2. The instructions are awful and incomplete.

    3. I have the Jetstream AC1200 Whole Home Network (2-Pack Mesh Routers)

    4. My Mesh Extender is flashing red sometimes, solid purple other times. It flashes red at the times when I need it the most - i.e. when I am watching a movie on streaming internet. Is there something that I should do? How do I eliminate the flashing red on the Extender permanently?


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    Dan Moore

    The Walmart we will sell you junk. This router as anyone can plainly see offers absolutely no support. I would not trust using this router.They offer absolutely no firmware support or updates for most of their products.They don't address outdated security encryption.That's why you need firmware updates. Just a very poor company with little or no support for any products. Run if you see these products.

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