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    Johnathen Proffitt

    why is there no parental controls or site blocking or advanced settings....i feel like i made a mistake in buying your product think that these were basic features of any there an associated program or app that can do these things?

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    i am having difficulty logging into my son PBS.. I need to reset password parent control

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    Bob Calhoun

    Can you tell me how to change the default access port for the router?  We have a patient portal using port 80.  When we install router the patient portal is disabled.

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    nickeisha payton

    My child pbs tablet battery blew up on my 2 year old child. I spoke with customer service and we have been emailing back and forth and i sent the manufactured defect tablet to the address you gave me and you said to expect a replacement 6 - 8 weeks. that time has passed and i cant reach anyone. I tried email i tried calling to this date no response... I should just sue y'all for your defective tablet and the money I spent to send it to you

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    Amazing products 100% recommended, my daughter has one tablet since she was a teenager and is still around

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